Protractor is dead, long live Cypress! – Part 1

On 24th April, Angular announced the deprecation of their E2E testing tool protractor. It was unclear if there will be a successor or if Angular delegates this to its users. At the time of this writing, WebDriver.IO, TestCafé and Cypress came up with schematics for the Angular CLI.

In this article, I will provide a short overview over the differences between the various E2E frameworks, argue why you should use Cypress and – in the second part – help you with the first steps.

If you prefer watching over reading, then this recording of my talk is for you: read more

Useless Error Messages

I want to make the case that good design makes exceptions the exception — something so wrong that the user can not do anything about it. In most cases, the best approach will be to show the user a single, generic message when exceptions occur.