Angular E2E Testing: Protractor is dead, long live Cypress!

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On 24th April, Angular announced the depreciation of their E2E testing tool protractor. It was unclear if there will be a success or if Angular is delegating this to the various users. At the time of this writing, WebDriver.IO, TestCafé and Cypress have provided schematics for the Angular CLI.

In this article, I will provide a short overview over the differences between the various E2E frameworks, argue why you should use Cypress and help you with the first steps. read more

Why you don’t need Web Components in Angular

Why you do not need web components

Web Components do not deliver on their promises. I wrote this essay for developers who are evaluating web components or are wondering what went wrong with the web components they already use. I will explain the reasons web components fail and pinpoint the few application types where web components make sense to use.

qCon London 2018

QCon London is a tech conference which lasts three days and covers a wide range of topics. This is a summary of some selected talks.