Why you don’t need Web Components in Angular

Why you do not need web components

Web Components do not deliver on their promises. I wrote this essay for developers who are evaluating web components or are wondering what went wrong with the web components they already use. I will explain the reasons web components fail and pinpoint the few application types where web components make sense to use.

ngrx Best Practices (German)

This talk (in German) is about best practices in ngrx. For example, it shows how to implement caching, make use the facade pattern and what to do, if the structure of the state is incompatible with the one of the component.

Memory Management in JavaScript

As JavaScript developers we don't have to care how our application "gets" memory and releases it. We are in the luxurious position that the engine does that automatically and shields us from all challenges that can occur. For a professional developer, this is not an excuse to ignore this important topic.

In my talk, I will cover the very basics of memory management. We will start with the theory in general, watch JavaScript's memory management in action and learn about patterns that can cause the feared memory leaks. We will finish with an overview of the most important component: Garbage Collectors. read more